Help, New Years Eve HOTEL LONDON CENTRAL

    Can someone help me, im looking for a cheap hotel in london central ish for new years eve 2 adults. I have searched but cannot find anything reasonable. Please can you guys help me


    new years eve is the most expensive time to get a hotel in central london because of the party/fireworks the hotels tend to block bookings too. best advice try see if there's any mates or relatives to stay with.

    travelodge or easyhotel are usually good places to try

    Try where you basically bid on the amount you will pay for a room. I had a double in the Hilton on New Year's eve for approx £50 plus tax. Remember to keep your specified area small, and your price low, then build it up - say start at £20 per room in Mayfair, then if you can't get that, increase it to £22 in Mayfair & Islington etc. Just don't put your top amount in first because you might get it and then wish you'd put in a lower amount. You can only put in a few bids per day. Good luck!
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