Help Nike Air Jordan 1 mid smoke grey

Posted 27th Jul
Does anyone know where I can purchase these on a size 4 please? Or know when they’re coming back in stock? Many thanks!
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Not sure about restock, best bet is ebay but you’ll end up paying quite a bit more than retail
Could be wrong but they’re men’s and start at size 6?

Edit: my bad was looking at the red heel.
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StockX is the only site with them at the moment, as far as restocks go check footlocker daily, they often restock and never announce.…c=1

Remember with stockX whatever you pay, be prepared to pay 20% more for customs.

I wouldn’t trust eBay, so many fakes knocking about you are better off going the stockX route or waiting for a restock which may or may not happen.
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Thank you all for your help! I’ll keep checking footlocker and hope for the best. Thanks again.
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