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Found 28th Nov 2007

I have recently quit a job. I gave my 4 weeks notice, however only worked 2 of it, as they didn't rota me on for the 3 week (i've never not been rota'd for a whole week in over 3yrs, so this was them bein arkward as they'd been actin like a***s ever since i handed in my notice.) then on the final week I didn't turn up for my 3 shifts as they had already got my replacement n since they hadn't needed me week before I decided why should I help them out that week.

Anyway I did happen to work all the way upto the cut off payday so am due a full months wages which has never in past been late (always paid on 28th). Today however I have not been paid, I've have txt a friend who still works there and am waiting for a reply to see if for some reason everyones pay is late, but since it is a large company I doubt that.

What do I do?

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CAB would be the best people to help.
You haven't got any confirmation that they are not paying you.

It is quite normal for your last paypacket to be late, doubly so if you don't bother to turn up for the last week.
As you are no longer 'on site', it may be that you'll get a cheque for your last pay to ensure you wont be overpaid- i'd think you've been taken off the system and will be processed manually.
As it's a big company, payroll will prob be separate to your supervisors/manager, so even a really vindictive boss probably couldn't do much to leave you out of pocket.
Hope your right, I norm wouldn't leave a job without doin full notice, but they we're bein such a**holes n since my new job needed people in for shifts, I figured I'd rather help them out since they happen to be nice. But I don't think a total of 3 shifts should allow them to keep 1 months pay.
maybe they are sending you a check thats what they do at my place whenever someone leaves why not ring them and ask it maybe that they have posted it to you
Maybe you will get the money your owed on the next payday. I know plenty of people who have left from my job and they still come and get payslips for a month or two afterwards. Just late processing and things like that
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