Help on a courier and help with payperdrop

    ok well there are 2 things here,

    Firstly payperdrop owe me 3 free deliveries how do i go about using them now that there website is offline and they claim to becoming a real company?

    Also i am assuming that the website is offline for a while (even though it says it isnt) So the next question is what is the other cheap courier companys (as ive heard them but never had to use them as i had payperdrop)?
    Also can i have who the cheap courier companys use like payperdrop=dhl and also how reliable they are?

    Thanks for the help


    Just used these guys ]http//ww…htm

    Never used a courier before and it all went smoothly:thumbsup:

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    i used payperdrop for a delivering my ps2, they collected yesterday. i think they use whoever is most local to you. i have a DHL hub just 5 mins from my door so thats who came. there is an option to change carrier but i believe you pay a premium for it

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    payperdrop are going private now with there own delivery network so not using other delivery companys but also contacting them is awful so i have now noticed:…123
    (If that works)

    So i wont be using them again and not for anything expensive especially as there wont be DHL to fall back on to claim it will only be them.
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