Help on buying a tablet

    Looking to get my fussy misses a new tab,
    Must be,
    -Sub £100
    -10inch or bigger (Haha)
    -Able to use google play (Not windows)
    -Have front & rear facing camera
    -16gb or more memory

    Any ideas? Not to savvy with tablets as I've never owned one myself,

    Thanks in advance,



    lenovo do decent 10" ones

    I was in Curry's the other day and if you can stretch to 140 had an Asus tablet which was quite good. you can play on them in there. it was quad core with very good screen an a good 10 inches (ooh matron)

    Make sure you get one with at least 2GB RAM, it will struggle with less. The best tab just now is the Nvidia K1 but only has 8" screen and over budget. I agree the Lenovo's are good.

    what do you want to use it for?
    e.g. music to stream to wireless speakers?
    webpages to chromecast?
    videos (netflix/local files) on the device whilst on holiday etc
    video calls?

    are you fussed about latest android OS?

    there are a number of decent options. not sure about price though - your budget may restrict you to much older models which may be fine if you're only looking at basic tasks

    Good reviews on this one, has hdmi for plugging into the telly the old fashion way.…let
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