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Found 23rd Nov 2016
We have 2 houses ours and mums ours has been reday to exchange for last 6 months mums was just about to exchange but now bottom of her chain mucking about and unsure if the 16th Dec is now on the cards and not wanting to lose our chain are looking for cash companies to make sure the whole thing does not fall through any decent company's that people have felt with

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pros will be quick cash sale
cons you will normally get a lower offer

Or a MUCH lower price. Those company's pray on the people who are desperate to move and will never give you anything like the market value.

Do not touch ANY of these companies with a barge pole, they WILL reduce the price last minute when your most desperate. Auction is the better way to do this if you have to sell quickly.


this was so popular 10 years ago. my oh worked for one supplier delivering the leaflets. they reduce 20% off the original market value. I'd say now they may reduce 25% .

unfortunately you will have to deal with it, or just reduce it with the agents
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