Help on choosing a router


    I'm trying to find out if there is a router available that would allow my cabled modem to be connected by cable to the router and then from the router to my PC to be cabled but then wireless for my PS3.

    Is this setup possible?


    a netgear wireless router could do this? (Prod Code: 1TH02W3N)

    May have one here that would suit.…jsp

    Also have a Linksys WAG354G Router you can HAVE if you pay postage (got a few paint splashes on but nothing that wont clean up)

    Find one where UPnP works properly. Will come in handy if you want to run a couple of ps3s or 360s over psn, live etc.

    It's down to personal taste/ use etc but I would avoid Linksys. Their support is terrible round and round in a loop type support escalating up to level 51 and then the cleaner finally answers your question. All the Linksys gear I have and have ever owned is flawed. You would pay a premium for Cisco. Linksys do not offer that Cisco service for the same price.

    Things might be better now with their current range though.


    Really? The best support I ever had from a company was Linksys. Replaced … Really? The best support I ever had from a company was Linksys. Replaced my router out of warranty, my £50 model was out of stock so they gave me the latest £130 model all within a week.

    That was good of them however

    I'm still waiting 3-4 years on :lol for 2 adsl modems 'n' 3 months for a couple of 11.n adapters

    I would avoid Linksys like the plague. The used to be awesome with the old WRT54 models but the more recent routers I've tried have been supplied with firmwares developed seemingly by a 5 year old.

    ^Which was the reason I hated my Linksys WAG354G

    who is your net connection with?

    if its BT based, then any ADSL router will work
    if its virgin media, any cable DSL router will work.

    Sorry to hijack, can any one recommend a router that has more than 4 ports using O2 broadband?
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