help on choosing mobile contract for bf

    i am currently with tmobile on a 18 month contract but looking to change to a different provider after april when mine ends.

    currently he is on pay and go with tmobile and is spending about 20 to 30 a month maybe more than 40 depends on how much he phones me ect.

    need something with unlimited calls to landline / or a good high any time minets and a about 1000 or less texts.

    looking to pay about 35.00 a month including vat so roughly looking fora 30.00 amonth before vat ect,

    was lookign at o2 but not to sure, as alot of them seems to be 18 months

    whats happened to 12 month contracts.

    also he likes nokia phones or sony will be ok

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    help on choosing contract for bf

    I've never had a contract with my gf, so couldn't say, we just see how it goes on a month by month.

    It's worked so far.
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