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i am trying to edit a listing its got 9 hours to go and i put a big mistake in the description, i have gone to revise but i can only highlight text and i cannot change it why not?


because there's less than 12 hours to go on the auction....i think you can add to description tho

yes you can only add to the description not ammend it

finish your listing - its only cost your listing

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oh no!!! i cant even add to it there is nothing i can click!!!!!!!

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but there is already 4 bids on it

might be best to end them early then you dont want any neg feedback for wrong descriptions,ebay are on a mission and are getting rid of sellers with 1 or 2 negs



finish your listing - its only cost your listing



you cant revise a listing when

1. it has bids

2. it has less the 24 hours remaining

you can only ADD to the description

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i cant even add!! grr i might end it, its got 10 watchers though and 200 views hmm what a dilemma i may end it though

What is the item? and how big is the mistake?

You may be best ending the listing (as others have said) as no longer available, either due to loss or whatever then emailing the bidders saying what has happened and telling them you are relisting it.


End it and list it again for 1 day

What mistake did you make if you dont mind me asking?

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dam i cant end it as its got 4 bids and 9 hours to go!!!

evermind i have pmed spriggan and harltzer the item i am selling and i will tell you whats the problem ( i cant speak on here as i have had a warning from the mods)

you should be able to end the listing cant you?? or have ebay changed that too?

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i have only just started ebay so thats probably why i only have limited options ,oh well, if anyone wants to know what the item is just pm me, thread closed

Just to say its a discrepancy in the listing that would lower the value (by a fair amount) so no danger of it being reported as not as described.
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