Help on finding a laptop/netbook

    Hi i am wondering if anyone can help me... i am looking to buy a laptop/netbook, i will be using it to do uni work, download music, download movies, watching i player and stuff, skype (web cam would be usefull).. so i guess it does not have to be the most powerful machine but i do want picture and sound quality to be pretty good.. And i dont have too much money to spend on it my budget runs to around £250.. i am not to great on specs and such so any help anyone could offer would be appreciated..



    i got medion akoya mini e1210 sainsburys have them at 199

    1.6 atom, 80gb hd, xp but can run 7, 1gb ram.

    i upgraded mine to 2gb / 5oogb hd

    boffer has a good one for £299 tonight

    [FONT=Verdana]I think a key thing to consider is also what software you need as well, as you need to factor that in as well; most freeware software can be downloaded to do the job of commercial software but you may need Microsoft Office for your university work (OpenOffice has caused issues previously for other student members from what I can remember from a previous thread).

    Also do you have any stores nearby (i.e. Currys, PC World, etc) so you can physically try out a netbook or laptop to see if you can actually work with one i.e. keyboard, trackpad, etc, etc.

    Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]

    With that budget and those requirements you're going to get something unsatisfactory. Either you go for a netbook that can't play HD video* or a PC World/Acer £250 special that will, but will generally be very sluggish and heavy.

    *which isn't a problem in theory as DVD quality is more than sufficient for the screen, but you'll probably find not many places will offer low resolution, high quality video.

    How much are you planning to carry this around? If you want it with you most of the time I'd go with the netbook as you're not going to get anything else sub-2kg for less than £450-500. If you only want to move it from place to place and aren't worried about carrying it around with you then I'd spend £300-350 on a full sized laptop when a hot deal at that price pops up.

    Of course, if you only want to move it between university and home one or twice a year then a desktop would satisfy all your requirements.
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