help on fixing a ds

    hi all looking for some help on my ds that is broken when i turn it on it powers up when the screen lights up it turns off again what can i do to fix it thanks


    I bought one from Ebay about 2 years ago with same fault and never got round to fixing it, if I remember correctly it charges as usual and gets power to one of the screens then dies right away.

    sounds like you have a problem with the top screen

    do both screens come on, and do you get the green power light?

    Original Poster

    no just bottom but it only flash on then turns straight off

    top screens is the cause of the problem, either blown fuse, bad electrical contact or a dead screen.
    has the ds been dropped recently

    Original Poster

    i think so i got it from a friend who said they son had punched or dropped it

    check out youtube for top screen replacements, it will show you how to gain access to the top screen ribbons.

    good luck
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