i have recieved an x rocker game chair from argos and wanted to hook it up with my 360 but my 360 is hdmi and my tv doesnt have the output thing needed and i saw somebody asking for this (Xbox 360 Audio Dongle) and it has the connections needed i think . was wondering if i baught this and put the speakers through it would i still recieve hdmi

    will link a picture and the gaming chair cheers


    yes just plug the audio out from the dongle to the chair and leave your hdmi cable plugged into your xbox *i mean plugged into your tv

    does your tv have a headphone socket? if so you can plug it in there
    my son has same problem as you,,but he plugs his into the headphone socket of tv


    Ah... Thats interesting!

    My little'uns got bought a pair of these for Xmas, and we've been continually swapping the leads over for the transmitter. I'm sure the TV must have audio out that will mean we'll no longer need to do this. Fingers crossed!

    On a side note, the 360 uses component, as does the Wii. Whats the best way to connect these 2 devices without having to change the cables over each time? (I do have a scart adapter for the Wii - but it just uses a composite connector conversion and makes the TV sit too far from the wall.

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    dont think it does have headphone socket so buying this seems the best option

    i was told to put the original hd lead(the 1 with 6 coloured leads on it) into the 360 as well as the hdmi cable,,use the hdmi cable to hook up to tv and use the red and white on the original cable for sound to the rocker,,but they dont fit in the 360 together
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