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I have a couple of region 1 DVDs that I want to play on a DVD RAM that is locked to region 2. Is there any software (I was told that there was some by the seller on HUKD) that acts as a workaround to this problem?

If anyone has any advice it'd be greatly appreciated!



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There probably is a region unlock for the drive, but you haven't said which make & model, so I can't give you any more info.

Try search google for the manufacturer + model name + (region free or region hack or region change).

If you have the option, set it to region 0 the it'll be happy with every dvd region you put in it.

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Ooh ok, I can give you the model name. Well, I can link you to where I bought it from:…e=0

Samsung S203 20x DVDRW SATA

I think the software you want to look for is "AnyDVD" - ]http//ww…en/

with it running, you should be able to play any region dvd in your dvd software player...

hope this helps..


You will need to search for a firmware upgrade for this in order to change the region. Alternatively you could rip the movie straight from the DVD to a file or virtual DVD drive and watch it from there.

It might be worth trying VLC ( to see if that can just play the DVD as it is. VLC plays just about anything.

Anyone any experience with this software program?

Actually... Doesn't the VLC player remove region restrictions?

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I'm looking for a bit of a permanent fix so I can still use PowerDVD. That said, it does work via VLC.

I'll see if I can find AnyDVD.

You can get region free firmware for your drive from this site


Beware if you are not familiar with flashing drives, you can brick your drive if you do it wrong

Another program like anyDVD you can use which will work is DVD43, just google "download DVD43"

Media Player Classic doesn't up the DVD drive region counter. In future, use that for DVD's on unlocked drives.

The best thing you can do is buy another drive and use that for R1 DVD's. I locked one of my drives and have used my other drive for R1 DVD's only ever since.

I believe there are actually 3 region counters:

In the drive itself
In the Software player (unless you use media player classic - as above)
In Windows

Personally, I changed the firmware on my drives to RPC1, installed a program called Region Killer (for the counter in Windows - i think), and use another program called DVD Genie, that resets the counters in PowerDVD and WinDVD.

It's all very complicated, and after all that, I can't remember the last time I put a disc of any region through my PC!!

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Thanks for the help guys. I found a program called... something ending with CSS Free, seems to work fine!
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