Help on pricing a Wii please?

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Found 18th Mar 2009
I have a used Nintendo Wii, 2 Wiimotes, Wii Play and Pangya Golf. Thinking of selling as son hasn't played on it since WELL before Christmas (due to him liking Xbox 360 much more!). How much do you think I could ask for it if I put it in my local paper? If I put it on Ebay what should the reserve be? Any help appreciated. (the reason I'm not searching Ebay myself is because the laptop is SO slow it's taking forever to load one page).


I've just seen in out local second hand shop a boxed Wii with extra wiimote and golf for £120 if that's any help ?

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Just had a quick look on Ebay for you.
As usual it's very unpredictable!!
One has just finished at £75 reserve not met but I think
that's because that was the starting price. They always sell
better if they are started low ( ie less than £1 ) with no reserve.
You could always put it on here for sale @ £140 ono or something
like that and see if you get any interest............good luck

I recon about £140 delivered

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Thanks all!
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