Help on receiving counselling while studying Phsycodynamic councelling please!

    Help on receiving counselling while studying Phsycodynamic councelling please!

    I am going back to university to study an Advanced Diploma and then a Masters in Psychodynamic counselling. While studying for 3 ½ years I need to be in counselling under a BACP accredited counsellor. I was wondering if anyone on HUKD had been through this process and knew of any organisations that specialise in counselling students while they study. Counselling is compulsory while you do the course, but you cannot use the universities counselling service as this is just for students with specific counselling, rather than those like me who need to take it as part of their studies. I have found some local counsellors whom charge 45-50 pounds an hour, which works out 200 pounds a month on top of my fees.

    I would appreciate any advice from anyone whom has studied a similar course with compulsory counselling attached.

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    I have had compulsory counselling and debriefing during my employment at certain times, some of my work is in mental health and used to be fully that area.. that's my main background. My counselling was provided in house by counsellors employed alongside myself.

    I'm sure you know yourself you can contact The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy for a list of trained and accredited counsellors. The costs you mention are pretty standard hon.

    I can reassure you there's nothing to the ongoing counselling thing.. it's fun if anything

    Sorry I can't be of more help x x
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