Help on taking out a contract using 150 topcashback

    As a low usage payg user santa wants to bring me a nice new phone.
    Sort of decided on jet which would cost around 200+10 topup

    on orange site there is 12 month contract on jet for 27.41 a month with 200mins 300texts (way more than my needs) which gives a total of 330 over the years term.
    Obviously assuming 150quid pays thats 180 for phone and a full years calls so saving me/santa around 80 quid.
    If didn't pay out would be like buying payg and topping up 10 a month which, whilst pretty annoying would be too outrageous. (huge waste though costing me 50-60 vs payg)

    Not used any cashback sites before so if anyone has any feedback on whether they think this would be a good idea and advice on the best way to maximise chance of a payout id be grateful.
    (seen a link/post some place about deleting cookies/history etc but cant find any more)

    Also on another note - is it possible nowadays to transfer numbers on the same network? sure last time i was told if i wanted to use the forced purchase credit it would have to be on the new sim with new number and i couldn't port within networks.


    Any cashback is a risk, it might not track or pay out (I had to wait 2 years for a Voda contract to pay). The network won't help as their contract is with the cashback site not with you.
    And as the tracking can take months and you only have 7 days to change your mind, so it can be a bit iffy. . .

    You can't use a pac to go from/to the same network (its called a back door upgrade, to get a new customer offer without being a new customer, and no networks will allow it). You have to pac to another networks payg, get the pac from them and then pac back.

    Original Poster

    crikey, i fully expected the cashback to take longer than the 7 day dsr limt but 2 years is a but much!

    thanks for confirming the pac code thing
    i still cant see how it benefits them at all.
    payg has no benefit for new or existing other than the disadvantage of being stuffed for a new phone = bye bye customer.
    never really seen any new customer benefits to contracts... more retentions deals for existing.
    retention deals wouldn't need a pac code and cost them more if they cant get a new full contract and phone at higher rates etc.
    or am i missing something obvious?

    anyone with tips on cashback sites re cookies/sequences etc be appreciated
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