Help on the legalities of a mobile phone contract please !

    Can anyone please give me a pointer to where I stand legally on this issue please ?

    I've had an Orange contract for 2 years and last November I took out a new contract for a further 2 years on an iPhone. No problems whatsoever until three weeks ago I totally lost the signal in the area where I live ( and so did a few friends in the same area). Three weeks later and after four calls to Orange customer services, still no signal. Orange tell me there is a fault with the transmitter covering my area and have given me two dates for full service to be resumed - which have passed by and still nothing has happened. So I'm basically stuck with an iPod touch when I'm at home and in the surrounding area.
    Do I have the right to terminate my contract as I'm convinced that somewhere in the small print there must be a clause that Orange have to provide me with a signal in order for the phone to operate ?
    Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.


    on consumer direct it states if there is a problem on the network you are probably entitled to compensation. May be worth giving them a call 0845404506.…tml , watched this programme , this information might . help you.

    not sure on the ins and outs i'm afraid, the above two posts will be more useful. provision of service is talked about in the ts and cs of your contract if you still hold it. if signal has deteriorated they have certain number of days to resolve. it sounds like thats what they've tried to do. good luck

    If you have exhausted all avenues with Orange then I believe you are entitled to lodge a complaint with
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