help ... opinions on haven blue dolphin holiday park,

    booked a weeks holiday at havens blue dolphin park for august 09 costing £630 so i was pleased with price, however ive recently been on some review sights who are ripping it to pieces ..... any opinions xxxx


    One Problem We found was that you are a few miles outside anywhere decent, That's ok if you have a motor but if not it leaves you a bit stuck. Although maybe you can find enough in there to keep you occupied for a week, we couldn't

    We go to Primrose Valley just up the road and we looked at Blue Dolphin one time and we thought it looked very run down.

    We are going in May to Primrose Valley and we only paid £230 for a week.

    Yeah Primrose Is a little nicer, there is so much to do just outside both of them, they are only about a mile apart.

    drove past it a few times last year in aug, looked like they were doing it up
    was quite misty there too!

    Holidays are what you make them, you dont have to eat out or join in every activity or send the kids to kids clubs, do bingo every night or do those silly dances they have at the evening entertainment

    Do your own thing, if you want to join in with stuff then great but your there for a break, im sure what ever anyone else says you'll have a lovely time

    When my kids were younger we went to the same holiday village year after year, some of the reviews online for it were awful, but my family loved it. What suits some doesnt suit others.

    Have a lovely holiday

    i like primrose too
    i went to reighton sands last year it was nice

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    weve got a car, hoping to use as a base really, but was hoping to use pool and night entertainment. what are these like?

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    wenchy bev, thanks, was thinking the same, just time out as family. should be good x

    weve been there a few times on sun holls and the kids love it... make sure u get a caravan and not a challet though.... we got a challet the last time and it was awful!!

    I went there last year and i really enjoyed it so did my children, if you walk to the cliffs and look over sometimes you can see lots of seals!

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    got superior plus caravan, so hoping its nice and clean. lovely to hear some positive comments, im prob just fussing, i know we'll av a good time. thanks again allison7779

    Cant speak for Blue Dolphin, but went to Haven in Ayr last year and read all these terrible reviews before i went.

    Turned out to be great and our chalet was spotless. Some of these review sites are just full of people that moan about the slightest wee thing

    love it but as already asid it is a tad far away from shops n stuff if you dont have a car x

    the superior vans are well worth the upgrade x
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