HELP!!! - Orange HTC Desire - no 3g problem

    I have had my HTC Desire on orange (who incidentally are terrible) for a few months now and have noticed in this period of time that my 3g connection has been gradually getting more and more intermittent. It has now gotten to the point where it just doesn't connect at all to 3g or show the 3g logo at the top of the screen next to the signal strength bar.

    So, I have now factory reset the phone, and still no joy. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get this working?

    The phone has not been 'unlocked' from orange.


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    as in what settings I should be using

    I'm having the same problem,I think Orange have gone rubbish with there signals lately as my wife has Orange phone aswell and thats just as bad.I'm going to call them today to ask whats going on!

    i have this problem, areas i usually get full 3g+ i get nothing and its bloody annoying, i will never go with orange again mainly becuase of the bloat, call/recieve problems i have had.

    htd desire also, though just updated to custom rom.. and all looks good so far, much quicker

    On phone to them now GPRS is down at the moment!!

    Just got off the phone,3G is down(was down last night,came back on then went off again this morning) but I also asked about the poor reception in my area lately and it seems the 2 sites I connect to are both having problems until the 30th Aug,so he made a note of my 2 accounts with them and I will be getting credits on the accounts,might be worth a call to see if its the same case where you are.

    uhhhh either i suck at complaining or they just wont budge..

    got some indian call centre (most likely), complained about the service & internet, asked for days credit for it.. no.

    got to wait 5 hours for "technicians" to fix it... then call back if still crap... get no where

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    cheers for the link aardvarking..... just Orange being their usual crappy selves. So far today it looks like 3g is working ok so they have hopefully fixed whatever problems were plaguing the network yesterday

    I've just got a 18 month contract on my HTC Desire HD and the 3G connection is crap to say the least, Orange are taking money for something they cannot supply an absolute disgrace, I have been with them from day 1 but not any more.:(

    They're charging me £15 per month for a £10.50 per month sim only deal. I've been with Orange for about 10years. Not for too much longer. Crap and getting worse since going EE.
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