HELP ordering laptop from PCWorld and applying discount code?

    Hi guys. Yeah i know i shouldn't but trying to order the Asus UL80VT from PC world, 3% Quidco and 5% discount with code LAP5.

    Having difficulty applying the code. When I go to the checkout and put in "LAP5" into the tab where it says..Do you have a promotional code? and try to recalculate price, it comes up as This promotional code doesn't exist??!!

    Can anyone help?
    cheers I have to complete the entire ordering process upto confirmation with the undiscounted price of 499.99 before it will get discounted?


    Doing the same for me

    use this instead LPTP5 to bring price down to 427 whats so special about that laptop for the price

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    Excellent thanks for that, works a treat!

    Its not the most powerful laptop, but fits nicely inbetween a netbook and full notebook. Slightly better spec'd than the Asus UL30A (from carphone warehouse @349 which got very hot). Has the advantage of 14" screen, ideal for me, 4GB DDR3 RAM, dedicated Nvidia 210M graphics card. I know the processor is a celeron dual core without speedstep but is fine for web browsing, office work and playing some old stratagy games. Best point about it is the CULV processor gives it a long battery life and is thin so ideal for portability etc. Plus asus, good manufacturer with 2 year global i like it! lol.

    Was just checking :lol

    As long as you knew what you were doing.

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