Help! Orthopaedic pillows cant be worth £25+!

    Girlfriend is insisting we get 2 orthopaedic pillows. I think theyre just a gimick. Thoughts?

    Also, more importantly, where can I get them at a half decent price.

    Thanks all.


    No not a gimmick, you get what you pay for with pillows ... & well worth the money too ... dont know of any codes or reduced though

    can't remember where exactly I heard this, it was quite a few years ago.....

    you spend most of your life either on your feet or lying in bed so spend the most money you can possibly afford on decent footwear and your bed & pillows

    I have difficulty sleeping with soft pillows.

    I bought one of these 6 months ago and have great sleep now.…603

    You may be able to get similar somewhere for a better price, I don't know.

    We have an orthopaedic mattress and that is really worth the money.

    Costco had some really good memory foam ones last week nice and cheap too.

    Original Poster

    Thanks alot folks... rep added to y'all

    My sister got some from ikea

    This one is not so expensive just under £4…293
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