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    Can you recover deleted files (not messages ) from outlook express. I accidently put my saved items fiolder into deleted items and then pressed "empty deleted items folder" and it took my file of saved items as well. Is there anyway to recover these.:-(


    Oh dear not good news, I'm afraid.

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    Oh dear not good news, I'm afraid.

    Is there no way at all.

    You could try a undelete prog, but you have emptied your trash bin which is the stop of last resort for most. Using an undelete is not always successful and usually only get bit and pieces of files, unfortunately.

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    thanks folks. Going to get oh to look when he gets in. I only wanted to delete one item from the folder to deleted items and then the whole folder went and then i saw it again when i clicked deleted folder and then after that pressed the permanently delete deleted items folder. What a wolly..:oops:

    not tried the recover deleted items option?

    highlight deleted items go to tools then recover deleted items
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