HELP!!! PACKARD BELL SJ51B008 Refurbished Laptop

Hi, Can anybody tell me if this laptop is worth buying? I need a good spec laptop asap.

PACKARD BELL SJ51B008 Refurbished Laptop
AMD Turion 64 X 2 Processor TK57 (800 mhz) Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium 2 GB Memory 120 GB Hard Drive 17" Screen Diamond View Widescreen DVDRW R9 Optical Drives nVidia GeForce 7000M Graphics Card 3.5 kg Weight Wireless Enabled



Please stay away from the DSG group. They are awful! Go somewhere else.
Like Dell or someone!

some good ones some bad ones and a bit of a risk.

mine had a problem which has been fixed quickly and is now great but it was £200 not over £300 so not sure i would risk that much.

maybe better to have a slightly lower spec and buy new if your spending that much.

Packard Bell are another one of those brands only sold through the PC World group, so you have no idea if they are any good or worth the money.

Generally they are rather poor.

If possible go for a decent brand: Toshiba, HP, Sony, Dell etc

Secondhand patched-up tosh seems to be on the increase on this site again :-(
I suppose DSG have to get rid of their rubbish somewhere.

Yes the price is cheap, yes the spec seems pretty decent, but, the aftersales is slow and cumbersome. been there and done that, the phoneline people are pretty unhelpful, and emailing them is pointless. With Dell its a whole different ballgame. You can pretty much get in contact with them easily, they are nearly always eager to help and solve any problem you may have, and they do it as quickly as they can. This all from personal experiance. So in general i would avoid Dixons, currys, pc world and pixmania.

The specs good, 2gb, 17" screen and geforce 7000 graphics, probably hard to better for the price.
As mentioned previously my concern would be the build quality and lack of reviews.

I remember my Packard Bell 233mhz beast

It wasn't actually too bad! But was quite interesting when the day came to rip out everything and refurbish it with a 500mhz P3 and motherboard to find half the connectors etc were specific to the Packard Bell motherboard! :whistling:

They used to preload a really cool invention game too! Can't for the life of me remember what it was called but it was addictive!

Avoid at all costs!!!!!!
A terrible company. Had one of this in the past and had to check it in the bin in less than 18 months. Battery dries quickly, gets heated up and makes the noice of a helicopter. Last not least turns off on its own quiet often than not.could not be worse than this.

Moved to misc forum. Please do not posting something as a deal if you have no idea if it is a deal or not.
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