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    The USB part of my 9 In 1 Card Reader has knackerd due to my nippers Miuchiz thing hanging off the USB port. Anyway the memory card reader part of it stll works fine but the USB part doesn't it might be fixable with a a bit of solder, but in case this fails I might require another one the item number is 5069-8363 ( It's a HP Pavilion). The cheapest (only) I found is here but it doesn't mention USB on it. Any help???? The HP website doesn't even recognise the part number, and anythin similar ain't in stock.


    Take a look down this list mate, it does not have to be the exact same one that has broken. You can fit any usb card reader/writer to your PC.…der

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    Will they fit in the bay that The HP one has left? The HP one is smaller than the bay just the HP front covering makes it fit nicely.
    Cheers for the help

    Ah, I get ya. I thought you said usb? I took that as external.

    What colour is your system? Any internal one should fit mate, just get one that matches the colour of your system, you will have to remove the HP cover opn the front to fit it in place, not hard though, just give it a push from the inside and it will come out.

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    Am all sorted like that, just got a feeling it's gonna look wrong, without the proper one. I reckon it just needs soldered, will attempt this first.
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