hi everyone, i have a problem here. Every time i switch on my pc the time seems to drop back a couple of hours. i have tried everything; changing the time e.t.c but nothing seems to work. i know it is not the bios resetting itself because ive downclocked my processor and that seems to be running at the smae frequency and voltage. it is really annoying because i have to look around always to check the time. Any help would be greatly appreciated followed by rep!lol!


    What time zone have you got it set for?

    have u checked that your battery is ok on the mobo sometimes they fail... just pop in a new one

    as person said above if its not on GMT it will auto update and set back your clock

    Computer battery? I seem to remember an old desktop of mine doing this many years ago when the battery went.

    Defo sounds like the CMOS battery on your motherboard

    I would agree with the comments above, try this guide to replace the battery:…htm

    When you say 'every time you switch on your PC' do you mean going into BIOS or going into Windows? If you set the time in BIOS, then reset your PC, check BIOS again and the time has changed, it will be the CMOS battery. They're just regular, circular batteries of the kind used in watches, easy to access (if you look at the motherboard you'll see it right away, and they just clip on/off) and easy to replace (they'll have a number on them, just buy a new one of the same number).

    If the time is only changing when Windows (or whatever your OS is) has loaded, then, as the first poster suggested, you could have it set to the wrong time zone, and it could be checking the BIOS time, then subtracting a couple of hours, or synching itself to an internet time server. Make sure you've got it set to the correct time zone and that daylight savings time setttings are correct and, if the option is available, tell it to synchronize the time on the internet.

    I'd say its the Battery too, time changing is usually first sign of a change needed.

    Original Poster

    its set to gmt and will try the battery!thx everyone and rep left for everyone!lol!cheers!

    Not necesssarily the battery as any changes to the bios would probably be lost too although it wouldnt hurt to change it, but the two types used mostly in mobo's will be CR2025 and CR2032, these are cheap enough and a reliable ready source is Wilko's at £1.99 each for energizer ones, you can get them cheaper other places too but not as readily, I dont bother with the cheap unbranded or budget ones as they dont last as well and you dont want to be opening your pc up every couple of weeks to replace them. I always replace a cmos battery when cleaning and/or repairing peoples PC's or if I buy a doer upper for people, and always replace the battery from a new mobo with a decent energizer as you know the battery is fresh then and will last ages, you can expect at least three years life from a new cmos battery if you buy a decent one to start with.
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