HELP: Peugeot 807 2.2 diesel 6 speed

Found 14th May 2009
Have a Fault with the car that peugeot are having trouble fixing!
has been in 4 times now, been without a car for weeks at a time due to being a 6 people family and them oly being able to provide a 4 seater car once!
Anti polution fault - Engin light on - Car has no power - press on accelerator and the car won't go
Can anyone help? Know whats wrong with the car? where do we stand?
car is under warranty - its just over 4 years old 06/01/04 and has done just under 40,000 miles
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dont buy a peugeot
ring zem up
Wouldn't Peugeot know better than HUKD????

dont buy a peugeot

Good advice, but a little late for the op:roll:

I know the earlier Peugeots had a seperate tank with a fuel additive, thought it stopped around 2003 though.

Sounds like a possible maf problem to me though. (If the car cannot judge how much air is being let through it struggles to work out how much fuel to put through) It may be worth unplugging the maf and try driving without it connected?
Yep my pug 2001 306 is a fault car. Wouldn't buy one anything french again.
sell it and get something decent.. jap ?

sell it and get something decent.. jap ?

I would do but I'd be so far out of pocket.

I would do but I'd be so far out of pocket.

not with a decent Toyota or Nissan. it doesn't have to be a Sub or Mitsubishi
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