Help picking a good value 19" Monitor

    WHats the best deals or prices at moment for a good quality 19" Flatscreen monitor.

    Old monitor finally packed in Lol.

    Possibly a site that offers next day delivery if possible.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    // James2805


    PC World have a 19" Fujitsu Siemens for £109.99 if you buy on line and collect at store. No idea what it's like but you might be able to see it running in store before buying.

    By good quality do you mean something that has no glaring faults and acceptable build quality or do you want to spend more than average and get a top class home monitor?

    Any particular reason you're going 19" instead of bigger (cost, gaming resolution etc.), do you want widescreen or non-widescreen and do you want full adjustability or will tilt be enough?

    Original Poster

    To be honest.

    I do graphics design and the like on my PC and cannot go without not being able to use it, in a month or so time I am going to be using a 37" HDTV as a monitor, but cannot do that for another month as moving rooms etc and no room in current room and stuff.

    For this month I need a monitor, and I suppose it will probably come in handy sometime anyway.

    Im thinking about going for one of the 2 dmccabe linked to.

    Which one better?

    write back.. Rep Added for useful inputs.

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    Acer looks good.. but wont be able to get it delivered before the weekend and that will just annoy me lol.

    Original Poster

    Just ordered that one from Ebuyer on next day delivery for 113 quid. Thanks for help everyone.

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