Help please

Whenever I start up my laptop I get a message saying ''Runner file name (fspex.exe) lacks a '-' (the app id separator)''
Does anyone know how to remove this?
Many thanks


Go to Start > Run and type msconfig then scroll to Startup, something will be running on system startup that you don't want/need running anymore. Perhaps a corrupted installation.

According to Google it's F-Secure anti virus so if you're using it I recommend doing a re-install. If you're not - run a scan as it could be something cloaking itself as an AV.

yup its a backweb...
have you installed Fsecure antivirus? uninstalling it would solve the problem

if no, i agree, adawre or antispy/malware would do it…tml

This isn't one of your better jokes Skusey.
I didn't laugh at all.

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This isn't one of your better jokes Skusey.I didn't laugh at all.

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