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Found 30th Sep 2017
Has any bought purchased anything from eglobal central website please and has it arrived and us it genuine goods thanks
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The reviews all seem to state that the stuff is genuine (ie, an LG is a real LG and not a fake). But it's all imported stock, a lot of the manufactures don't offer a world wide warrantee so if anything goes wrong you're up against it. eglobal (most times) won't help so you either have to send the item back to HK/China ect or bin it.
eglobal also don't warn you that the item is an import so people have been hit with very large import and customs changes when the item arrives in the UK. . .
Thanks for your help I fink I'd rather just pay more money and get from a retailer I know and trust was just hoping to save money since Xmas is around the corner xx
There's been many threads on here concerning this company. The overall consensus is that they are based in China, grey imports that the warranty is not recognised in the UK, that customs charges are not included and it's near impossible to return an item and get a refund.
I just picked a thread at random for you to read HERE.
opinion seems to be to pay extra and buy from a reputable U.K. Website, it's not worth the hassle trying to save a few pounds compared to the grief it could involve.
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Thanks steve1221 n toptrumper 4 your fab advice xx much appreciated x
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