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Found 24th Oct 2017
Can anyone tell me if this store is genuine! The prices seem to good to be true (so normally is)…ull
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it appears the website was created 17/10/2017 - you can check official UK Pandora retailers HERE
I think you've answered your own question there. First thing I do is go on to the about us section of a website and if it is clearly translated and full of mistakes, I avoid it
One whois lookup says the website is available... So I checked another lookup website and it listed this website contacts are all in Chinese, not sure if you can trust this website.
Numerous spelling mistakes, not UK based and no contact details. I wouldn't walk away, I'd run.
Anything that says "xxbrandnamexxUKONLINE" in their web address, can pretty much always be guaranteed to be a scam site. They'll either send you nothing, or a poor quality fake.
I did have a good idea but thought I would ask because of the bargains ..needless to say they won't be getting my custom
Thanks for all your help 😊
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