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    i have a red light on my xbox 360 power brick, what does this mean?

    cheers, tom


    This issue occurs when the external power supply has detected a fault. The power supply has several built-in safeguards to help prevent damage to either the console or to the power supply itself. The power supply will turn itself off under the following conditions:

    * When there is too much current.
    * When the voltage is too high.
    * When the temperature of the power supply is too high.

    Under these conditions, the light on the power supply will turn from green to orange and then to red, or the light will turn off. When the Xbox 360 console is connected to the wall outlet, the power supply is functioning correctly when the power supply light is green or orange.


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    okay thanks, its sorted now, it must of just over heat, ive let it cool and the light has returned to orange so its sorted (i hope :-p)
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