Help please!!

    Hi,anyone good with fixing up home entertainment items??
    I hae just bought a blu ray player and currently have
    an Hd telly
    Sky Hd
    DVD player with surround sound speakers
    I have now installed the blu ray player ia an HD cable but ther are only 2 slots in the back of the telly and now the DVD player doesnt work cos i took the cable out of the back.
    Can anyone tell me how i can set it all up to work with the correct cables and is it possible to get the blu ray player working with the current dvd and jome cinema package??Do i just need a normal scart to go from ther old DVd player to the telly?
    Sorry to sound thick and to go on lol,but i'm confused.Are there any lovely people out there that could help and tell me what i need??
    thanks in advance


    Hi there. You should have a couple of options here. You can either connect the DVD player via a Scart cable directly to the back of the TV, or you can buy an HD splitter / box which will allow you to plug in several (the one I have has 4) HD cables and then connect the single box to the back of your HD TV via HD cable. Hope this helps.

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    thanks,rep on it's way
    does anyne knownif can set the blu ray up to play off the DVD home cinema system?? and what I would need to do it?

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    anyone know?

    does your home cinema system have a optical input and what model is it?

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    thanks guys where do i et an optical lead any links? xx
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