Help please!

    Have just got back from Ayia Napa and now have the travel bug

    Was thinking of going to bournemouth for a long w/e in october for my birthday but got thinking ... i'm gonna spend £200 there so was wondering if anybody knew of any good deals abroad for a long w/e for around the same sort of money.
    Not too fussed where, just hot and must have a pool.

    I know a few of these kinda deals have been posted before so just hoping those kind people might be able to find again

    Thanks for your help


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    Is this any good?

    Your text here

    Have a go - at the worst you have a horror story to recount as the days grow dark.

    Incidentally :

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    Is this any good?Your text here

    Why are you linking to your own deal and asking if it's any good lol
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