Help please!!

    Right I'm at work and I work in a bar, but there's a problem with my beer pump, basically it's not pouring properly, I'm cleaning the beer lines and it has taken me about 15 minutes to quarter fill a 2 pint jug! I've checked the gas, the speed nozzle and the barrel but they are all fine. I done the beer lines a week ago and they was fine and they was fine on Saturday night when we was using them but not now! Anybody have any ideas?!?!


    Something trapped in the system?

    micoo is the bar expert danny

    Blockage in the pipe???

    Air bubble

    keep flushing it with the line cleaner and it should shift what ever is stuck, if not then you will need to blow air through the lines, also check the gas filter on the line to the barrel the one on the wall, to see if the pressure is the same that side

    You're not running out of beer are you?

    have you checked the ball cock in the cellar?

    Ask your boss?

    could be the pressure. reset the gas, like you do when you change a barrel
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