Found 18th Apr 2011
My friend has told me he's just bought an iMac 27" brand new in box for £675 from amazon .

Said the same person is selling iPhone 4 for £155 .

Sounds just wrong to me so I said I would post on here to see if any one would give their advice

The link below is to the iPhone deals…8-1

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lol i dont even need to visit the site to tell you scammm!

zero feedback says it all

umm seems dodgy but nice if it wasnt huh!

ps did u friend gets his imac ok from the guy?

I'm sorry but you need to find a new friend with a brain :P

In all seriousness it's pretty easy to see it's dodgy with those prices!

new seller with no feedback, think its extremely suspect


Why even ask?


you sure your "friend" is not the seller!

I hope he paid by credit card.

It's not looking good.

looks like someone bought it though?


looks like someone bought it though?

A fool and his money are soon parted.
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