HELP PLEASE - Advice on Buying a PC!!!

    Hi - could anyone offer me some advice on buying a PC. My current desktop has seen better days. I'm not sure what deals are best. I need a PC that will be quick - I mainly use it for the internet and download films (though this is mainly done overnight). I'd rather not spend too much - the max I could afford to go to is £500 but if I can spend less, all the better! I'm not clued up when it comes to buying PCs so all the help I can get will be much appreciated.

    Best wishes



    try Amazon or pc-world

    Generally the speed of your PC will not help you download films, this is dependant on your broadband speed.

    Sally, please don't go to PC World just yet...

    First of all, are you sure your old PC cannot be revived? How old is it?

    Secondly, as guilbert says, your Internet speed is typically related to the speed of connection not the PC.

    I'll drop you a pm; check your inbox.

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