Help please - After a good usb wireless adapter

    After a good usb wireless adapter for my desk top computer. Got a cheap adapter that just doesnt do the job. Dont mind paying the extra to get something that has a good range.



    I personally use a Wireless Ethernet Bridge and get some cracking speeds with 0 dropouts...

    Much more expensive but worth the money...

    Usb sticks are very temperamental...

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    Mor info Please:)

    What is a bridge?
    How hard to setup?
    And lastly what is the cost?:)


    sorry, it enables a computer to access a wifi network via ethernet... I currently get download speeds of 700kbs. (I know this is dependent on ISP and stuff but compared to the USB sticks I have used its over 50% quicker!!) Much faster than connecting via PCMCIA cards or USB.…407

    Thats a link to the item... Might be too expensive but if you do a lot of downloading and don't want dropouts then I can't recommend this enough... Its a tad fiddly to set up but not impossible... If you do get this let me know and i'll give you some help... Also internet forums have lots of info on setting these up.

    The only cons of something like this is its not really good for laptops, and takes an extra plug socket...

    Hope this helps...


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