HELP PLEASE-anyone has experience with apple iphone service.

My friend in Hungary got her iphone almost 12months Hungary warranty is t-mobiles responsibility and they say water ingress. She says not as she has been so careful.
Anyway apple hungary wont look at it-they redirect her to t-mobile, who have been really funny with her and she has emailed a complaint but they say it can be 30days before she gets a response!
if she collects her phone from repair she is deemed to have accepted it and has no working phone. If she doesnt get it they will terminate her contract and charge her (dodgey eh?)
Anyway thats why i ask the question. If i got her to send it here does anyone know if i can send it to apple? obv the paperwork will be in hungarian but she has the box etc. Could i send it in as mine? and is warranty more then 12months here?
Thanks for any help or suggestions!


I would of that the IMEI/serial number will be linked to state that its not covered under UK warranty.

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Afaik warranty is now worldwide
But it's 12 months

Apple now test all water indicators so if they say it's water damaged
Water must of got inside

If you could find out how they check for water (google it?) and the sensors are ok, I reckon it would be worth a shot at an apple store.

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if its 12months then i guess not much can be done. She said it has a sensor on the outside and its that they have looked and said water ingress..but she is adamant if they opened it then it wont be but they wont even open it...
Thanks guys tho i will give them a call tomorrow.

The iphone 3GS has got a way to tell without opening the phone, look at the bottom of the phone (where you charge it) and if there is like a red semi circle sticking out then it has had water damage.

I believe there are two sensors one at the bottom and one inside.

Hope this helps.

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thanks asandino i will have her check this.
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