Help Please - Anyone know the cheapest way to get around London

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Found 6th Nov 2008
My two daughters are going tom London today and will arrive this afternoon until Saturday afternoon I wondered if anyone knew the cheapest type of ticket so that they can get around for the time they are there, its really only half a day today 1 day tomorrow and getting back to train on Saturday, but just wondered if there was a special ticket and where to buy - thanks for any help received.

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does this help? i dont live in london…asp

when i visited i bought something like this(years ago) used it on all buses and undergrounds-im sure i bought them at the tube station on arrival from a machine. It was a brilliant idea.

Loads of info on the transport for London wwebsite. ]Here

I got a PAYG Oyster card. Although you are only going to London for a short while it may be worth considering as you can use it if you visit again.

A word of warning, though, make sure you ask for the form to rmanage the card on-line. they don't send the forms out in the post! I manage my card on-line, then if/when any of my family are going to London I can top up the card on-line beforehand. The alternative is to top it up at one of the stations in London.

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Thanks guys - its just that it such a shame to have to pay for 3 days when they are getting there tonight they only have one full day there - tomorrow - then back to the station for train on Saturday morning so they would have to buy a three day pass - I seem to remember some time ago going into some newsagents and buying a pass and it was really cheap - dont know what it was called but it covered tubes and busses, possibly was the London pass from the links above but £20 seems a bit much for one full day's use and two 1/4 days
thanks for help

it depends how much they will use it...we really did get our moneys worth! why dont they buy on arrival a one day and use for the remainder of that day and the next and then just pay the fare on the morning when they are going home?


Depends where in London they are thinking of going. If they are sticking to the shops and main points of interest then nowhere is far to walk and is quicker than tube, bus etc.

It's been a while but I remember buying a 1&2 zone all day travel ticket for around a fiver. I think those two zones cover most of London that a visitor would use and are valid on both tube and bus.

I'm sure if your daughters went to the info booth or equivalent at a station the people working there could give them more info.…spx

Its zones 1-4 and 1-6 now.

1-4 will be fine.
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