Help please, blank screen on mum's sony vaio!!!!!

    Hi guys, mums laptop turns on , but teh screen stays blank and we cannot figure out what shes done as its not very old and doesn't go anywhere?

    Many thanks for any help!


    I have the same prob... and google shows that this is a rather known problem with vaio

    one solution is to reinstall the default driver for the display adapter

    does it have a vga you can connect to an external monitor to check if that works?

    if you can't even get to the bios then try an external monitor.
    if you can see the bios then try Windows VGA mode by pressing F8 repeatedly after the boot up screen and before windows loads.

    had two vaios come into the workshop with this problem.. both of them have comepletely unknown reasons for doing this. we actually fixed them both just by completely dismantling them and putting them back together!

    otherwise, try removing or reseating the ram. common fault for why a laptop wont post.

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    cool thanks guys, all the lights come on on the front but the creen always remains blank, so it may begoing back to Costco then, many thanks!

    Try holding down the function 'fn' key and pressing F4. If nothing happens after a few seconds repeat it, and again once more. If nothing still happens it's probably broke!

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    hold on the the sreen has just come up saying it did not close properly and choose safe mode or start normally. And voila it has come on , whats that all about then, why now and not earlier?????

    Thanks guys for all your help and advice , thanks everyone!!

    Not sure which keys on a Vaio but most laptops let you toggle the LCD screen and external monitor using the function keys often Fn numberic key 5 check the manual or try Fn key plus each of the numeric keys in turn, your mum may have inavertently switched the screen off

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    Cheers, my mothers driving me mad as she cannot remember her password or login to her mail, or even openning a new tab!!!!!! Why me Why me!!!!!!!

    Also, try looking at the screen under a good source of light. If you can see the windows desktop but it's faint then the backlight has gone kaput.
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