HELP PLEASE - Broken PSP ?

    My son's PSP is broken - games won't load. I was wondering the best option to get it fixed. He got it as a gift so there is no receipt and I think it is over a year old.

    Would it be worth paying to get it fixed ? Contacting Sony ? Trading it in for a new one ?

    Any feedback would be gratefully received.

    EDIT: Phone 08705 998877 (Sony) great customer service, replacing the PSP


    It would be best to contact Sony 1st, they replace PSP's with either a new one or refurbished unit at your door.

    You need to have the the charger and battery.

    I don't have the precise details, but give them a call. The missing receipt is not a problem.
    Hopefully someone that has actually done this themselves will be along to give you the precise details.

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    Thanks for that.

    Anyone have Sony's contact details ? Had a look on their website and there is nothing obvious.

    01293 653598

    Let me know how you get on.

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    Many thanks, I'll give it a try when I get home and dig out the serial number on the PSP.
    Rep added.

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    Thanks for that but the number was out of service, I found 08705 998877 which got me
    through to Sony.

    As a result they are going to replace the PSP........son will be delighted.

    So my advice to anyone with PSP problems is give Sony a call, superb customer service.

    Good to hear.

    Will have to get my son to get his psp changed too :thumbsup:

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    They change like for like so you would not be gaining anything if the psp wasn't broke in the first place - why risk spoiling the first decent customer service I've come across for a while ??

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    Replacement PSP arrived by courier today. A+ to Sony.


    Replacement PSP arrived by courier today. A+ to Sony.

    Excellent news! What rating do I get?

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