Help please - cheap school skirts needed for orpahange school in Kenya

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Found 11th Apr 2009
Hi Guys,

Was wondering if anyone could help me out, basically my parents sponsor an orpahange school in Kenya, the school was set up for children who are not yet at an age to obtain free education, and for one reason or another (mainly due to aids and malaria) they no longer have parents but live with family / friends who cannot afford to feed themselves, let alone another mouth too. Victoria (the lady who runs the school) feds the children 3 meals a day - 365 days a year and teaches them basic lessons (english, maths, physical education etc) all for free, relying on donations.

My parents have been sponsoring the school for a couple of years now and have in previous years taken a number of clothing items with them. We are all going over in May, and were hoping to take more uniform with us. So far we have been able to source yellow (well, lemon) polo t-shirts, and grey shorts for the boys.

However, we cannot find girls school skirts cheaply anywhere. In previous years we have been lucky as Sainsburys seem to reduce the skirts down to 75p following the left-overs from the back to school season. However, no such luck this year apart from a couple we managed to get when Woolworths were going down.

Does anyone know where we can get some cheap (and I mean cheap!) grey school skirts, the children are only young so looking for 3-6 year old sizes, and they must be grey to go with the other uniform we have. Or if not schoopl skirts, lemon polo shirts are something we could also do with more of.

Rep given for any help please!


Have you tried writing to the big stores, especially Asda ?

maybe im missing something but is uniform really that important? wouldnt materials like pens/pencils etc be better?

the value ranges are quite cheap

Original Poster

Asda suprisingly were very little help, we contacted them asking if we could order in a bulk load of t-shirts to our local store and they told us we couldn't, nor would they offer any discount. One of the big problems we have is that Victoria's school is not a registered charity, therefore British stores are unlikley to help as they cannot write any of it off against their tax.

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maybe im missing something but is uniform really that important? wouldnt … maybe im missing something but is uniform really that important? wouldnt materials like pens/pencils etc be better?

Pens, pencils etc are important, but these are not difficult to find cheaply, also this seems to be the thing that all tourists take with them to donate.

could you not try clothes manufacturers in your area, they could perhaps do a run to your requirements, worth a try :thumbsup::)


I agree with what loupomm said. You should try going to primark and seeing if they would do some sort of bulk order. It's already very cheap so hopefully they can help you out.


prob better asking where they are manufactured in cambodia, china etc etc

there are cheap wholesalers if you look, cheaper than retailers who would buy from them

cut out the middleman

look at ebay wholesale section, you never know

Original Poster

Thanks for the help guys - may try sending Primark an e-mail and see what they say, Good idea about a local manufacturer but think I may have left that too late for this time - only 5 weeks until we go do doubt they would have time. But will bear this in mind for the future - I've left Rep for you all.

Thanks once again

Why not go to your local charity shop and ak for them to donate all school items to you

or ask on your freecycle, locals may donate their kids uniforms they have grown out of, contact schools and ask about lost property thats unclaimed, or left over jumble

Hope you sort it, you's doing a good thing :thumbsup::)

found this site ]http//ww…htm (cant vouch for them unfotunately) might be worth investigating as it says everything is from stock and
order whatever you like whenever you need it, and if your order is over £250 of goods, we'll delivery it the next day anywhere in the UK mainland for free. They have several styles of grey skirt.

If you wish to place an order, apply for a credit account, or request a brochure,
please contact us using the contact details below.


0141 429 3751
0141 420 1637

Email Sales
Email Accounts
Email Marketing

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


53 Wallace Street
G5 8DJ
Scotland, UK
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