I am looking to spend about £300-£400 on a computer/monitor/keyboard and am really confused. It needs to have a good memory for photo's, music, internet and uni work. It needs to be able to copy cd's etc and be good enough to last me a few years. I have looked everywhere and am now getting really confused!! From what I can make out I need dual processor, 2gb and at-least 160 memory? Does anyone know of any good deals? Many thanks in advance.


    if all you want to do is every day stuff like uni work, burn cds, download music, play the odd game and need a pc that will do that, then this was a good deal at sainsbury's. Dual core is always better but you only need this is you are going to be running lots of programs all at once otherwise the 3.6ghz processor in this will do everything you want perfectly.…ot/

    Hope this helps.

    There is just one thing with this package, low memory. The 512mb is no where near as much as vista needs (usually about 1gb of ram it needs) just to run. Someone has just posted a great bargain link for 2gb memory for £24, I would definately buy this too and slot it in when it arrives, plus then you can do more without your pc freezing!

    Link for the memory is:-…ew/


    The Toshiba Laptop in PC World isn't bad value, and should give you what you need for the next few years :-…ot/

    Cheers and Good luck
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