Help please! Do carphone warehouse etc price match?!

    I have been with 02 for about 10 years but have moved to a area where the reception is rubbish so need to change provider...

    I've seen a deal I would like from but it is too much hassle to claim the 'free' gift of a black wii (I only get online bills so therefore don't have the documentation they need).

    Does anyone know if I take a printout of the deal on their website if carphone warehouse etc will match the deal?

    Rep to all that can help!



    you can but try, i doubt it, but sometimes dependant on business they can give you better deals than they advertise

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    Muchos thanks...will need to rep you when I get home...for some reason your replies arent showing up at work unless I 'show printable version' v odd!!!

    I doubt it highly, tbh.

    My experience is no as i tried a similar thing today with CPW and phones4u and they both sat me down, had a look at the clipboard ad then tried to give me either a longer term for the same money or more expensive contracts?!

    in the end I just said can you match whats on this sheet, which they couldn't so i left.

    P.s I think you can pay a lil extra and get itemised bills from bymobilphones so you can still do the cashback, but the hassle of it puts me off
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