Help please - do I want an iphone or nokia 5800 or anything else touchscreen ??

    As above - what do peeps find is the best value touch screen phone with plenty of features ?

    I currently have a Sony Ericsson C905 on O2 contract but the speakers have gone again and its gone back for repair - for the 2nd time in 2 months :-(.

    I'm not due to upgrade until April but am so fed up with having to resort to my £5 cheap Nokia each time the 905 goes back that I'm looking to buy a touch screen phone to use immediately and then when upgrade is due I can either upgrade & sell the upgrade, or get a discount for not upgrading.

    I know the iphone peeps love them, but is it really worth the money or are there other decent touch screen phones out there that will do the job and keep me happy without me having to lie to OH about how much I've actually spent lol :-)

    Thanx for any help / suggestions - I can use Quidco for cashback if anyone knows of any good deals - and will leave rep for any help - so thanks in advance :-) !!


    "do I want an iphone or nokia 5800 or anything else touchscreen"

    You dont want a touchscreen, problem solved.

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    lol thanks very helpful :-) - why not - I like gadgets ??

    It all comes down to your personal budget and needs/wants i guess, ive been trying to figure this one out for yonks myself and the iPhone seems to come out on top everytime. Im not too thrilled about paying 440 or 35 a month for 2 years for one though.

    Anyway ive looked down the pay 440 for one and get a simplicity route,
    Buy one off ebay for 150 (2g) - 250 (3g) and get a simplicity route,
    Take out the 45 a month deal to avoid the 90 pound charge then go down a tariff to 35 after 9 months route,
    (Yes ive looked at these options with Quidco to)

    Up to now i still havent been able to decide lol its even harder now Orange (my network) + others are getting the 3GS so im going to hold my horses and see what they can offer.

    My advice is to just get a bog standard phone for now and wait to see what Orange + others come out with, the last thing you want to do now is commit for 2 years then a cheaper option come out around the corner.

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    Thanks for that - have spent most of this afternoon trying to squeeze the figures lol but just can't justify the cost of the iphone yet - fingers crossed for upgrade time :-)

    Hopefully they'll all be trying to get us to buy them for chrimbo so there may be some deals while they slug it out.

    Rep given - thanks for your reply :-)

    i have an htc touch diamond touchscreen phone

    it's great

    does masses of stuff and there are a million apps etc for it on

    pick one up 2nd hand around a ton

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    Cheers will have a look thanx :-)

    Yes. Get an iphone - they are amazing.

    nokia n900 £35pm 700 mins ultd texts and web on t-mobile. It's as fast as an iphone with 1gb ram and flash 9.4 so it has access to the full web with no need for iphone optimised pages.
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