Help please ? EH Shepard drawings winnie the pooh

Found 24th Oct 2009
Hi every one just looking for a little bit of help if yous dont mind pointing me in the correct direction.

I have came across 2 original pencil drawings by EH Shepard.of one of winnie the pooh and another of christopher robins.

what im i best to do with these would i get more money on ebay or sending them off to get auctioned ?

i have contacted southerbys auctions and they are more than interested to take them down south to auction them off if thats what i want to do.

any help would be great thanks fr your time.
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Sotherbys defintely
definitely Sothebys I woulda thought x
you could go to local auction house - get them valued - most have free valuation days - they will most probably ask to put them in next auction

you would make your money on ebay - but theres always the chance of being scammed
dont go the ebay way

if these are genuine - any auction house will grab them - no matter where you are
They're sought after by collectors so it's a no brainer- AUCTION:thumbsup:
who are winnie he pooh and christopher robins ????

who are winnie he pooh and christopher robins ????

Another tribute act
thanks folks just wasnt to sure what to do as i know these are pretty rare to come by and didnt want them to go for anything less than what there worth what ever that will be

Thanks again

who are winnie he pooh and christopher robins ????

definitely forged:-D
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