help please excel doc

I have been sent a excel attachment which when I open it has a blank grey page. If i print preview I can see the document and print it. I need to be able to edit the original doc. I was told that ctrl and f7 will make it appear and it did the other day but its not doing it now. My friend can see it on her pc so it much be my settings - can anyone help please


What version of excel was it created on & what version of excel do you have?

Is it possible for you to download ]openoffice & use the calc program to open the excel file?

How are you getting on?

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Just this second found it. Actually looked at the open office thing but was still playing with the document and asking office assistant. Finally clicked window, new window - and there it was!!!! THANKS GUYS
Help much appreciated as is the moral support! Now I can complete my report!
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