Help please good price quad core pc.

    Hi all I'm looking at buying a new pc what i need is plenty of storage ie 1tb minimum would like quad core with ddr 3 minimum 4gb a good motherboard with options to overclock. I have dvd writer dvd rom etc.

    I am not worried about gaming but would like high def output to be an option so I can hook up to lcd tv as well as pc monitor dual display. I know I could build it myself but don't have the time or patience to do this. Thanks guys and gals.



    have a look at this

    That seems somewhat expensive.

    Outputs capable of HDTV resolutions have been standard on computers for the last five years so there's no worry there. If you plan to hook it up to an LCD TV then your best bet is a DVI/HDMI connection. Both VGA and DisplayPort support 1920x1080 (and higher in fact) but not all TVs will have the appropriate socket.

    Options to overclock is going to be the tricky one, I know Dell computers don't support it and I suspect it'll be the same for most of the big manufacturers like HP and Acer.

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    Thanks for the advice I am trying to avoid ebuyer atm as i bought one of their budget machines which died in a week and then i waited 3 weeks for a replacement which never arrived and was then out of stock.
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