Help Please HD not right.

    Hi, I have just bought a 3dTV. I'm not sure it's showing in proper HD though. The background is much fuzzier than before and there is an awful shadow when its a light coloured screen. We only got it last night so not had a chance to burn an image on the screen or anything.

    Previously we had a 42" samsung HD ready with sky HD box.
    Now its a 50 Samsung full HD 3D with sky HD box and blu ray.

    Where could we have went wrong in wiring it up and does anyone have any ideas of stuff to try. My husband used the xisting HDMI cable to connect. Should we have bought a different cable maybe?

    Will be grateful for any input.


    Are you sure you're actually watching HD content? SD content stretched over an extra 8" is always going to look worse.

    Are you wearing the glasses?

    According to a quick Google some older HDMI cables may not be able to handle the extra 3D data. Version 1.4 is the newest and definitely can, whilst 1.3b (1.3 Cat 2 in the States) cables should also be ok. 1.3a or Category 1 cables may not have sufficient bandwidth.…36/

    However, as others have said, it could just be the tv, or the settings on it. Try reducing the brightness and contrast a bit to see if that helps. Also could try asking at as they know their stuff there too and are usually happy to help.

    HMDI 1.4 isn't needed for most purposes, the interface on Sky HD box is HDMI 1.3 anyway.

    All depends what you're watching. 1080p is much clearer than 720p. it will show up the awful SD picture on Sky HD in a big way. It will also show up any "intentional" grain in HD shows/movies.

    You should use an HDMI 1.4 cable for the blu-ray player though.

    I personally don't like the picture on those Samsung 3D sets though and, like another person said, make sure you're wearing the goggles for 3d stuff.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I wear the 3d glasses on the 3d channel. Its the actual Hd channels that aren't great. they were better on my 720p. I will investigate further though. Thanks.

    Sky isn't a particularly good picture, the better the TV...the easier it is to show up their weaknesses.
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