Help please: How much are my Disney snowglobes worth? as thinking of selling them??

    I have the following 3 snow globes - will put pics below

    Micky snowglobe, musical and lights up , also can have lights flashing weighs 2.5kg and is approx 10"wide, 8"deep and 6" tall

    Large winnie the pooh tree pooh moves up and down and musical
    weighs just over 3.5kg and is approx 12" high by 8" across

    Smaller winnie the pooh musical
    weighs just under 2.5kg and is approx 7" high by 6" across


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    for pics 2

    If the 2nd one is what I think it is, it is a limited edition one and i paid £70 i think for it new, and that was 7-8 years ago

    Are they boxed, and are they UK disney store?

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    Hi, they were all purchased new in America, but I did not keep the boxes, approx 6+ years ago
    have never actually seen them over here

    Micky has $80 on bottom
    Large pooh has $120 on bottom
    smaller pooh has $60 on bottom

    also thought I would add

    micky has bubble in about the size of 5p or 1p
    Large pooh has a big bubble in - don't know how it has got this a was fine when got it and its just been sitting in my cabinet for the past 6 years!

    smaller pooh is fine, no bubble


    The first one has been on production here. Air bubbles dont alter the value, although i prefer mine not too have them.
    If you show me the other two, i will see if ive got them and go from there.....bear in mind i do have over 130 so i'll have to check!

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    all pics on here now


    Flipping heck and i thought i was a Disney nut:thumbsup: IVe got 60 … Flipping heck and i thought i was a Disney nut:thumbsup: IVe got 60 globes and over 100 platesthe good thing with globe is that they do hold their value, they are always worth more if they have their original boxes and/or certificates

    I have the snowglobes, the cookie jars and all the Dvd's i am a very lucky girl!
    My husband can't bare the shop....i wonder why!

    Very strange :w00t:

    Is the small pooh one boxed?

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    no, none are boxed sorry
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